In 1870 the Overland Telegraph became the largest infrastructure project in Australia’s history. Using maps drawn by John Stuart who was the only white man to have travelled from Adelaide to Darwin eight years previously, Charles Todd and his crew slung the telegraph wire onto 40000 wooden telegraph poles.
They had many setbacks along the way, but they persevered and when the project was completed it meant that communications between London and Sydney went from 6 months to 1 day. It heralded the start of the great boom time in Australia.
Today the nbn™ is the largest infrastructure project in Australia and just like the Overland Telegraph Line, it has not been easy and has had setbacks. In October 2017 just under 6 million connections are ready for service out of a total of 11 million that will be completed by 2020.

Broadsignal’s office is situated just around the corner from where Charles Todd built his first Telegraph Exchange in Port Adelaide and we occasionally have a coffee in Todd Street just next to us. At Broadsignal we think that today’s nbn™ project will also bring about great economic and social benefits to Australia just like the Overland Telegraph did 145 years ago. Yes, the nbn™ will have some setbacks but it still remains the most exciting infrastructure project in Australia’ history and we are getting behind it.

We want to help you get connected and we make three promises.

1. We will offer great prices that will be below most of the competition.
2. We will ensure that our network speeds are very good.
3. We will ensure that our call centre remains in Australia.